Guidelines for Submission 

The editors invite article submissions of original empirical research and theoretical scholarship on topics of interest to the writing center community. We are also interested in book reviews and review essays; however, please query regarding potential reviews. WCJ aims to reflect the diversity of writing center contexts and encourages submissions related to a wide variety of institution types and other environments. 

Article manuscripts should be submitted as a MS Word attachment emailed to They should be between 4,000 and 8,000 words and should follow NCTE’s Guidelines for Gender Fair Use of Language and the MLA Style Manual, 3rd edition. We encourage the use of headings/sub-headings to highlight key sections and to increase reader-friendliness. Footnotes or endnotes may also be appropriate. 

Manuscript receipt is acknowledged by email. After initial review by the editors, strong manuscripts will be submitted for blind review by at least two external readers. The editors will keep authors informed of their manuscript status. 

Manuscripts are accepted for review with the understanding that they have not been submitted or published elsewhere. Copyright of all articles published in The Writing Center Journal, including the right to reproduce them in any form or media, is assigned solely to The Writing Center Journal. All inquiries regarding subscriptions, announcements, advertising, and reprint permission should be addressed to the editors at

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